Wellness & Spa Center

After sightseeing Mostar and enjoying local cuisine, there is no better way to finish your day then by relaxing yourself in Hotel Villa Meydan Wellness & Spa Center. It features internal heated swimming pool with jacuzzi, Finnish sauna, tanning studio and massage area.

Entering into our Wellness & Spa Center you’ll experience a piece of paradise. Wellness & Spa Center is designed so you can rest, relieve stress and leave satisfied with a good feeling until your next visit.


Sauna is one of the most renowned wellness treatments. Health benefits of sauna high temperature and increased humidity exposure are known since ancient times. The extreme perspiration, caused by the heat, expels the impurities of the body from the skin, also enhancing a pleasant state of relaxation. It open skin pores and even activates your immune system. Combined with cooling effect of our internal swimming pool it gives the best wellness experience and overall wellbeing effect.


You can enjoy a wide selection of massages that will relax & relieve stress and prepare for long walks in Mostar. Our professional therapists will help you to choose the treatment you will enjoy most, benefit you and your health and bring you to the feeling of total satisfaction.


Indulge yourself by swimming in our internal swimming pool and then relax in its jacuzzi part where you can enjoy back, leg and feet hydro massage.


If you wish to achieve a perfect summer look all year around, then our tanning studio is a perfect choice for you. In a brand new vertical tanning bed, with a brand new chocolate light bulbs, just as little as 7 minutes will be enough to see first results (same effect like if you exposed your skin for a full hour on a sunlight).